Patagonia On A Budget | A guide book for cheap backpacking, camping, and adventure travel in Chile and Argentina

Patagonia On A Budget

Have Your Adventure - For $30 A Day

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What is it?

Patagonia on a Budget is a travel guide for travelers who want the insider secrets on traveling in Patagonia. It contains practical, up to date information and can help you travel through the entire Patagonia region on $30/day!

Travel Longer, Cheaper, and Stress-Free

What's Inside?

  • The best value on the craziest adventures

  • Prices and details for accommodation, transportation and activities in every destination

  • Detailed maps and itineraries of the most popular backpacking routes

  • Recommended campgrounds with the best rates and facilities

  • Instructions and safety advice for hitchhiking

  • The only packing list you'll ever need

  • The electronics, websites, and applications to depend on during your expedition

  • A special bonus guide on packing and cooking during long hikes through national parks

  • buy patagonia on a budget on amazon

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Save on Accommodation

Pitch your tent in the middle of the best national parks, wake up to the sound of crashing glaciers, and get away from it all in the endless expanse of nature. Plus, the cheapest places to stay, the hostels not listed online, and the best ways to score deals on accommodation.


The Best Value for Activities

Where will your money go the furthest for big adventures? The best places to walk across a glacier, go white water rafting, climb a volcano, and much more!


Worry-free Hitchhiking

Detailed guides for hitchhiking between specific destinations, advice for staying safe on the road, and a Spanish quickstart guide to help you easily catch a ride.

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What To Bring

Be prepared with comprehensive packing advice: a full packing list, details for mastering long hiking routes with less stress, and all the essentials you'll need for camping and traveling in Patagonia.


Budgeting Breakdown

How to find the cheapest hostels (even the ones that aren't listed online), detailed spending guides for all the major activities and national parks, how much basic essentials cost, and real prices updated for the 2016-2017 season!

How much you can expect to spend in Patagonia

Find A Cheap Flight

Finding a cheap and pain-free flight to Patagonia isn't impossible. With these seven websites you're sure to find one that works for you, whether your trip is for two weeks or two months.